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Katherine Gale

Voiceover Reel - Katherine GaleKatherine Gale
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Gender -         Female - (She/Her) Pansexual 

                      LGBTQIA+ Community

Age Range -    18 - 28Melbourne. 

With a Bachelor of Music Theatre from Federation University, Katherine Gale is a versatile singer, actor, dancer and voice-over artist. She most recently performed as a soloist for the Bayside Carols in the Park, singing to an audience of 28,000 people. Last year, she presented her solo recital Heritage of Song, showcasing a classical and contemporary repertoire. Her credits include Heathers, Seussical (Cindy Lou Who), Villains: An Evil Cabaret (Maleficent), The Sovereign Wife (Rhonda Murphy), and The Wild Blue (The Perfectly Reasonable Woman). She has performed in Operas in both Australia and London such as Stari Most (UK), The Fairy Queen (Queen Titania) and Dido and Aeneas (Belinda). Katherine has also appeared in Cruise Ship performances and Television Commercials including Make Your Mark, What a Wonderful World? and Art is Where Artists Are.

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