Artist Statement - Leisa Prowd


Leisa is a dancer, performance artist, life model and public speaker based in Melbourne.  She has been performing with Weave Movement Theatre since 2014 and is also a member of the Rawcus ensemble.  She has performed in various venues around Melbourne, interstate and internationally in Las Vegas, Berlin, Sweden and Indonesia in various solo and collaborative projects.

Born in a "non-normative" body, throughout my life I have viewed it for its imperfections and disproportion, trying to make it fit in.

My practice involved "landing in my skin" - connecting with my body and how it interacts in an environment that is not built for me and with people who are so proportionally different.  I have become fascinated by movements my body performs every day simply to exist - movements that the "average body" wouldn't even have to think about.

These movements, although complex, have become instinctual - performed without thought, like breathing.

What is it to be truly mindful of these movements; to study them intimately and explore them?  To create a dance; a celebration of a body that has learned to adapt to a world not made for it?

What is it to change aspects of inherent movements that I have been ashamed of and embarrassed to show and choreograph them into a dance - a duet between body and environment/body and mobility aides/body and equipment?

I have started to incorporate Spoken Word into my practice and written text to accompany different elements of my performance.  I would use my time to explore both text and movement and how they both fit into both devised and improved frameworks.

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