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Jamie Duncan



Brisbane QLD, Australia

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Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, Jamie Duncan is developing his acting career and has
trained extensively with prominent coaches throughout Queensland. With years of
training including having attained an Advanced Diploma in Screen & Stage acting and
working under the tutelage of coaches such as Christopher Sommers, Tom McSweeney,
Helen Howard, Anthony Brandon Wong amongst others, he has gained a vast experience
of acting techniques which enables him to be present, prepared and easily flexible to
taking whatever direction may be thrown his way.

After experiencing his first time on set and regularly working on Dora and the Lost City of
Gold he quickly realised that he loved not only the craft of acting, but the environment of
a set and the workload that comes with it. Whilst already having had training up to that
point, he ramped it up even further, expending the influences on his craft to be exposed
to an even wider variety of techniques. Working on short films & theatre plays in the
capacity of a lead and main support. Continually adding to his list of credits and real life
set experience that a classroom environment cannot teach.

Never to shy away from a challenge, Jamie is an actor that dives deep into the intricacies
of a script and character, finding a portrayal that is truly unique to himself, whilst still
exploring different pathways to allow him to be easily directed. He is an actor that does
truly know that an actors purpose is there to serve the character and story, never himself.

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