Miller Marks-Boulton

Gender -         Male

Age Range -    14 - 18

Ethnicity -        Caucasian

Based -           Melbourne

Height -          183cm

Miller recently held the lead role of Herb in Man The Ballon, the lead role of Cookie in Return to the Forbidden Planet and the lead role of Chris in The Boy and the Spy on local Stage. 


He trained at NIDA Intensive and Berwick Grammar School and continues taking acting classes with TAFTA in 2020.

Miller also plays the Trumpet and has a vocal range of Baritone, Bass.  He very busy in his Music Production and Videography while maintaining his excellence in Public Speaking.

Khans Entertainment Agency


P.O. Box 330, Berwick, 3806, Melbourne, Australia

Ph: +61 0408 373 139

ABN: 96940811228