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Apollo Blue. He/They



Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Captivating and charismatic, Apollo Blue is a unique Melbourne based actor with 8 years experience across TV & Film, most recently featuring in Dion Fibishenko’s moving 2022 film “Uncovering” which premiered at The Melbourne International Film Festival.

Originally hailing from Country South Australia, Apollo found their love for Acting in the theatre when gaining the lead role of Troy Bolton in High School Musical Onstage in 2015. Through trying on the shoes of other characters, Apollo discovered their own sense of self and realised the transformative power of art.

After years of on-set experience across Stan, ABC, SBS, Channel 9 & Channel 10 series, Apollo furthered their craft of acting at Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia under the mentorship of Howard Fine, Sarah Hallam and Phil Hayden in 2022. Also a trained
singer, songwriter and pianist, Apollo holds a Bachelor of Arts (Music) from The Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) 2016-
2018. In 2020, Apollo released their debut single, “Moonchild”, which garnered critical acclaim and radio play, reaching #1 on
triple J Unearthed, with over 60,000 streams across 80 countries and 164 playlists!

With a knack for accents and character driven storytelling, Apollo is a hardworking actor with a bright future.

Apollo Blue. He/They
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