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Meet The Team

Sadiqzai Adams Family

The Sadiqzai/Adams Family

Our Profile

Khans Entertainment is a Performing Arts Talent Agency

focused on diversity inclusion.  

We proudly represent people of all abilities, nationalities, and genders. 

Khans Entertainment is your gateway to a world of talent and diversity in the performing arts. Founded by Victoria Sadiqzai, a seasoned industry expert, our agency is committed to championing inclusivity and representing individuals of all abilities, nationalities, and genders.


Our family, the Sadiqzai/Adams Family, is at the heart of our agency, bringing a wealth of talent and experience to the forefront.

Rahart Adams, celebrated for his lead roles in beloved TV shows like 'Nowhere Boys,' 'Every Witch Way,' and 'Gotham Knights,' showcases our commitment to nurturing outstanding talent.

Imran Adams, a versatile musician and actor, adds to our agency's dynamic range with his lead roles in TV commercials and the acclaimed ABC Mini-Series 'Barracuda.'


Victoria's inspiring journey as a nerve-deaf individual in the arts industry has given us a unique perspective. At Khans Entertainment, we are on a mission to challenge industry norms by actively promoting diversity in casting, particularly in roles involving disabilities. We take pride in representing a diverse range of professional actors for film, theatre, musical theatre, and television. Our agency stands as a beacon of inclusivity, where talent knows no boundaries.


Join Khans Entertainment in Melbourne, and be a part of our growing community that celebrates emerging artists from all walks of life. Connect with us for representation and experience a world of talent that truly represents all.

Our Clients include:

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