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Sadiqzai Adams Family

The Sadiqzai/Adams Family

Our Profile

Khans Entertainment is a Performing Arts Talent Agency

focused on diversity inclusion.  

We proudly represent people of all abilities, nationalities, and genders. 

Victoria Sadiqzai

A proud mother of four wonderful children. Two budding young actors - Rahart and Imran Adams, and two beautiful girls -Zarmina (Fashion Designer with her own label) and Atia (a Political Adviser in Canberra).  Together as a team, we have nurtured and experienced a world of talent beyond our years.

Rahart Adams has achieved success as an Actor, beginning in Australia with Neighbours which prompted lead roles in Nowhere Boys, Every Witch Way, Liar Liar Vampire, Foursome, and Emo the Musical, as well as support roles in Pacific Rim: Uprising and House Husbands. He is now residing in Los Angeles where he continues to enjoy further success after landing the role of a Cadet in Pacific Rim in 2018 and more recently landing a Lead role in the new Batman spinoff TV Series the CW's DC Comics-based Gotham Knights.

Imran Adams is achieving his dream of TV Acting beginning with leads in TV Commercials and continuing on to a lead role in the popular ABC Mini-Series - Barracuda. He is now a budding musician/actor at Monash University, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

As a mother in the arts industry for over 20 years, Victoria has gained knowledge and experience in the protocol, procedures, and administration of national and international industry networks. This includes building contacts and opening access to many producers, filmmakers, agencies, and casting directors, creating relationships with International Talent Management (Including US-based Managers), and dealing with Immigration issues related to visas and passports for the Arts Industry. 

Diagnosed with nerve deafness at the age of 5 resulting in the hearing equivalence of an 80-year-old, Victoria was often left out of many social and educational environments in her youth. People became frustrated when they would have to repeat themselves in her company, and hearing aids were not a viable option in that era. Consequently, she learnt to lip and face read. Naturally, her children entering the Arts and Entertainment Industry was a difficult step for her, however with the support of her husband Adam, and a commitment to persevere for the sake of her children, she overcame the obstacles relating to a nerve-deaf person in the Arts Industry and simply made it work. 

As a result of this experience, Khans Entertainment Agency has a unique perspective on the Industry. The common practice of casting those without disabilities to roles specifically designed to portray those with disabilities was one of the first issues they sought to address in their representation, as well as the broader issue of diversity in film and television. Khans Entertainment is an agency seeking to balance a diverse range of selected professional actors for film, theatre, musical theatre and television.  

We look forward to your support in encouraging emerging talented artists living with a disability, from varied cultural backgrounds, and from all walks of life. Connect with Khans Entertainment Agency to be represented for film, theatre, musical theatre, and television. Grow with us while we fill our talent pool to represent all.

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