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What pre-requisites do I need to apply to Khans Entertainment for representation?

Depending on your age, 0 - 5 years old will be considered as Models only as no training in acting is required.

Ages 6 and over will be required to be in training in a reputable Acting/Performing Arts school or enrolled to commence in the next term/semester from the date of application.

How many people does Khans Entertainment have on their books?

We are a boutique Agency and very selective with a small number of talent enabling us to focus on everyone.  Currently, there are around 70 people on our books.  We do not take more than 3 of the same 'look'.

What type of work will Khans Entertainment seek for me?

Talent on our books work across film, television, theatre, musical theatre, digital and online content, commercial work, voice-overs, corporates, and public appearances.  You will be submitted for roles suited to your ability, training, and experience.  The more training you have up your sleeve the more opportunities for you.  Work opportunities are Australia and International wide.

What commission does the Agency take?

10% on all work.

How do I apply to be represented by Khans Entertainment Agency?

Email a resume and headshots to, along with a showreel if you have one.  If you are successful, you will be called in to attend an interview.  Further details will be supplied upon interview.

Do you have joining fees?

No, we do not charge fees to join the agency. However, we do require you to pay for portal subscriptions that are critical casting tools for the entertainment industry - Casting Networks and Showcast.

We also require you to have high-quality, professional headshots.

Can you guarantee me work?

No Agent can guarantee anyone any work.  While every effort is made to promote and secure work for talent, there is no guarantee that every talent will get work as ultimately the final decision is made by the client.

Can I be represented by more than one agency?

No.  This causes conflict between agents and confuses clients when trying to book talent.

Can I just be an Extra?

Khans Entertainment Agency does not represent Extras. 


  • Currently, many auditions are via Selftapes, it is expected that you will have the facilities/venue/coaches to support you. 

  • It is preferred you are living within 1 hour of your CBD as many auditions and callbacks (when back in the room), wardrobe fittings etc will be at short notice.

If we have not answered all your questions, please feel free to shoot us an inquiry email.

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