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Eb Papanastasiou. They/Them


Greek Cypriot

Melbourne, VIC

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Over the last 10 years, Eb has refined their passion for acting in a broad range of training across both screen and stage.

They began building their foundation in the Full-time Program at TAFTA, learning from the likes of John Orcsik, Mick Preston, Andy Mcphee, and dialect coaching with Barbara Hastings.

To diversify their training they studied for over a year with Peter Sardi and worked their way to the advanced class, completing two terms with end-of-term showcases. They performed scenes from ‘Rabbit Hole’ and ‘At Home’.

To further their understanding of acting and the camera they went on to study Screen and Media at RMIT, completing the Advanced Diploma with a desire to direct and write.

With a greater understanding of film production, they returned to acting in Howard Fine Acting Studio’s Part-time ensemble. Learning Howard’s technique from the incredible Philip Hayden and Howard Fine himself, scene study with Sarah Hallam, improv with Lliam Amour, Acting & The Camera with Marilyn McIntyre, and Voice with Sass Pinci.
Eb most recently played Cloud in Jasper Caverly’s ‘Hedgehog’, which premiered on MIFF Play at the end of 2022. In the same year, they played lead roles in the dark comedic RMIT student film ‘A Day at Home’ and VCA student film ‘Cure for a Hangover’.

Eb Papanastasiou. They/Them
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