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Marley Coombs



Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Marley is very active. She loves gymnastics, basketball, and surfing. She also enjoys reading, going to the movies, get togethers with her family, playing with her puppy, and play dates with her friends. She has been learning to play the acoustic guitar since 2022.
Marley rarely stops singing, she loves to write, sing, perform her own songs, and of course, loves acting also. She is a fantastic improvisor, with a vivid imagination, and a great memory. Currently working towards creating her own YouTube channel (this has yet to be agreed to by Mum and Dad).

Marley is accustomed to performance, as she has been a natural performer for her entire, short life. She has joyfully partaken in kinder, school, and dancing concerts, at ages three and four, and even stepped in as an impromptu angel in the community nativity play at the local Christmas Carols when she was five. Marley has participated in multiple school band performances playing her guitar and has also done so solo. She is currently practicing hard and preparing for a solo act in the end of year concert, where she will not only play the guitar to the music of ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz, but she will sing simultaneously.

Marley auditioned and became a student at Stage School Australia in 2023 and performed in their Semester One show at the National Theatre in the Junior Chorus – Premiere in three separate acts. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which only served to cement her love for being in front of an audience/the camera.

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