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Ade Djajamihardja



Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Although all my media based career has been primarily behind the scenes in production operations; my early years included enjoying primary cast roles such as Alonso in my high schools production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Everyman.
I was also fortunate to have performed as an actor for the SRT (Singapore Repertory Theatre)- 2001, in the Neil Simon play “Barefoot in the park” in the role of the telephone repair man. Upon leaving my Singapore based job as head of production facilities and development at SPH Media Works, I moved to Malaysia and assumed the role of CEO with prominent local production company, Ten on Ten Pictures as well as their joint venture company TV station nTV7, Enfiniti Productions, where I also co-produced what was then Malaysia’s biggest ever budget feature film called Puteri Gunung Ledang which was also the first film from Malaysia ever to have been accepted in consideration for Oscar nomination.
Through the richness of experiencing involvement with almost every imaginable production genre and working with many classically and modern trained actors, I feel both confident and peaceful in the knowledge that I will hungrily embrace my reinvented role within the screen industry as an actor and performer. I believe my lived experience of disability and coming from a (CALD) culturally and linguistically diverse background and overcoming adversity, perfectly prepares me for the wealth of new experiences that lay ahead.

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